February Update!

Hi y’all!

It’s already mid-February and we’ve had a blast at the last few Play Labs this month exploring our theme: Ocean Deep. We’ve been on a curious adventure discovering endangered species, constructing coral reefs, and examining beautifully illustrated oceanography books.


If your kiddo (or you!) are interested in joining us on our next deep sea expedition, there are still three more opportunities to play this month:

From 10-11am on Thurs 21st, Sat 23rd, and Tues 26th

Check out our Calendar for all of our upcoming labs!

We hope to see you soon!

- Grace Herndon
Kid Lab Intern

Seafood hand puppets (FREE PRINTABLE)

It seems we are on a puppet making spree over here! There are so many easy ways to make puppets and they always make us a giggle. WIN-WIN. We’ll definitely be making more of these soon!

To go along with our PINK ANIMALS challenge (check us out over on Instagram @kidlabraleigh or #playthezoo to follow along), here are some pink seafood puppets. Because everyone needs a shrimp and crab puppet to add to their collection, amirite? :)

You can download the FREE PRINTABLE here.


seafood hand puppets

(they’re shrimply crabulous)

You can adapt the template any way you see fit. For the crab, we opted to tape googly eyes directly onto our fingers to activate the puppet even more. But these would also look great just taped to popsicle sticks.


Woodland Puppets (FREE PRINTABLE)


Woodland puppets

We’ve officially launched a blog, WOOT! We hope to share lots of playful learning ideas and great resources here. We’d love to hear from you and tailor the resources to be what’s most helpful to our community, so leave a comment below or give us a holler!

First up, some Woodland animal puppets. It all started when we realized our fingers could be animal legs…

Download a FREE PRINTABLE here and make your own!