DIY toy

Butterfly Mobile Tutorial


Hi guys, Shannon here, back with another project to try at home!

This month in the Lab, we’re learning all about bugs. To kick things off, I designed a project inspired by my favorite butterfly - the Blue Morpho. This project doubles as a learning toy and kinetic sculpture! So here goes - the Blue Morpho butterfly mobile.


  • Butterfly Mobile Template

  • Pencil, scissors

  • stiff material (I recommend cardboard, stiff felt or craft foam. Thin wood would also look nice if you have a scroll saw to make fine cuts)

  • Sharpies and Kwik Stix tempera paint (alternatively, paint, colored pencils or markers could work)

  • Hemp or twine

  • awl or hole punch

  • (optional) wooden bead, wooden dowel


Step 1: Cut out the template. Trace onto your stiff material of choice. (I used cardboard and cut using a scroll saw). Following the original template, mark where holes will go.

Step 2: Color. (I used a combination of Sharpies and Kwik Stix tempera paints to get a blended look)

Step 3: Using an awl or hole punch, punch holes where indicated.

Step 4: Using hemp or twine, attach middle section to both wings (as seen in picture).

Step 5: Thread 2 additional pieces through wings (as seen in picture), bringing them together at the top. Attach to a small dowel (optional) to give additional stability and a way to hang the piece as a mobile.

Step 6: Add small segment of twine at bottom of the middle segment. This acts as a pulley to activate the mobile. Add a wooden bead to bottom (optional).

If you give it a try, be sure to tag us so we can see!