What To Expect At A STEAM Lab

Calling all homeschoolers, science buffs, future engineers and art history nerds. Through hands-on projects and guided lessons, we’ll create dynamic projects that tie-in with our monthly themes. Great for homeschool co-ops or individual students, grades K - 5. Adults encouraged to stay onsite and participate as well for free! Please register at least 1 week in advance. 10:00-11:30 am, Fridays.

Whether we’re making a custom rainbow sound run, a homemade sundial, a kinetic bird sculpture, or another fun + creative project, this is guaranteed to be a fun thing to do with your kid(s)!

How much does a STEAM lab session cost?
The cost for each STEAM lab is designed to be affordable, helping to cover the cost of our materials and future Kid Lab events. Each lab starts at $20. For each additional registration, an automatic 10% off discount will be applied.

** Please note: Caregiver not required to stay onsite, but is always encouraged to join in for free**



Guided learning Experience

Whether you’re a homeschool co-op or an individual family, STEAM Lab sessions are a great addition to teaching your child. During each session, one of our teaching artists will guide children (grades K - 5) through a unique learning experience related to that month’s theme. Watch your child’s eyes light up as they learn new concepts especially crafted for their level!

Make A Take-Home Project

We are a team of educators and artists with experience designing projects for public schools (meeting NC core curriculum standards), local museums and community organizations. We believe in the power of play-based, hands-on learning and design projects that are unique and interdisciplinary. At each STEAM Lab, kids will have access to our materials to create a fun, take-home project related to that month’s theme.



Learn Through Play

Research shows that giving children open-ended materials (like sticks, clay, paint, cloth, wood) builds confidence, competency, independence and authentic expression. It can also help children avoid boredom as they begin seeing the creative potential in everything. In short, it fosters imagination! Each STEAM Lab will provide plenty of opportunities for playful learning.


Upcoming STEAM Labs