My Butterfly Book

Hello Kid Lab community! My name is Sarah and I am a former art teacher who is thrilled to be a part of the Kid Lab team. I have always loved sharing creativity with children and fostering their curiosity. You can find me on Instagram, @drawpaintprint, where I try to document my days that are spent getting messy with my two kids and sneaking in a few moments to make my own art during nap time. Last month's theme was bugs and I was inspired to share a simple printable book. For a science project at home, my two daughters have enjoyed watching the amazing process of caterpillars turning into butterflies. So I made a book to show the life cycle of a butterfly. With just a few folds and one cut, a sheet of copy paper can become a little book perfect for small hands and pockets.  


  1. Print Butterfly Book. I had the best results when I printed the page at 98%.

  2. Fold the paper in half along the cut line.

  3. Fold in half again. The paper is now folded in quarters.

  4. Fold in half a third time. The paper is now folded into eight parts. This will be the size of the finished book.

  5. Unfold the paper to your first fold line so that you can see the cut line. Use scissors to trim along the cut line so that the middle pages of the book are separated.

  6. Refold the book so that the first page is My Butterfly Book and the last page is Made By.

  7. Add color with any drawing tools you like- colored pencils, crayons, markers, etc!

Hope you enjoy this little book and that you get to make some bug observations! We enjoyed using this butterfly kit to watch caterpillars turn into butterflies. Please tag us so we can see your butterfly books!