Lunar Dominoes (FREE PRINTABLE) and 2 ingredient Moon Sand recipe

We’re just one week away from the One Giant Leap Festival, happening in Centennial Plaza in downtown Raleigh to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 mission’s landing on the moon!

We’re thrilled (shall we say, OVER THE MOON) that we were invited to be part of the festivities! To celebrate, we designed some interactive games and kids activities.

Anyone else get confused about the phases of the moon? Waxing Gibbon (oh wait, that’s a monkey) or was it Waning Gibraltar…. don’t worry, friends. We feel ya. It’s a lot to remember. So, in Kid Lab fashion, we designed a playful learning tool to help.

Kid Lab Lunar Dominoes.png

Check out our free printable game of Lunar Dominoes. We recommend printing on cardstock, then cutting out and playing like regular Dominoes (looking for matches, building off of last play). Or these can simply be used as a matching game. Either way, we hope you’ll enjoy!


And what’s a Kid Lab event without some hands-on play? We’ve been working on a big batch of homemade ‘moon sand’ that we’ll use as a small-world play. We’ll design mini spacecrafts and moon buggies to add into the mix and see what new aeronautical inventions kids come up with. After all, it IS rocket science ;)

If you want to try to mix some up at home, we recommend this recipe because it’s nontoxic (completely fine if eaten), can be altered if desired (with color, glitter, etc) and smells and feels heavenly. It packs really well, yet still crumbly like sand and will keep for months in a sealed container.



9 C flour

2 C coconut oil, melted

food coloring (optional)

essential oils (optional)

glitter (optional)

For our mega big batch, that came out to about 45 lbs of bread flour and 2 Costco-sized Coconut Oil containers. We opted for no color or added scents, but if you wanted to add those, I recommend adding them to the melted oil first then mixing that liquid into the flour. We chose to go with just plain and simple to make it most versatile for us to use.

If you give it a try, we’d love to see. Tag us on Instagram @kidlabraleigh or leave a comment below.