The #hooplaraleigh project, summer 2019

Collaborative public art installations / experiences are very near and dear to our hearts. Our team is made of artists and educators and we geek out on play-testing materials and prototyping projects to make sure they’re optimized for creative fun.

This summer, we designed a community-driven, pop-up art project made by and for the people of our beloved city. We constructed over 80 homemade hula hoops and prepped them as looms, ready for weaving or assembling however anyone saw fit.


Our first stops this summer were the NC Art Museum, Barwell Road Community Center and Dix Park. We’ve got some more pop-ups happening in the next few weeks, with plans to install the final hoops in 2 city locations. (announcement coming soon!) Where will we pop up next? Dix Park again! This time, we’ll be hanging out for SunFest on July 13th! Come join us! Event details can be found here: