What To Expect At A Community Event

Collaborative public art installations / experiences are very near and dear to our hearts. Our team is made of artists and educators and we geek out on play-testing materials and prototyping projects to make sure they are optimized for creative fun.

How much does a community event cost?
Community Events are completely FREE to the public! We partner with the city of Raleigh, and other local vendors and events to bring the Kid Lab fun at no cost you. Come out and enjoy the fun!



Community Art Projects

Last summer, we designed a community-driven, pop-up art project made by and for the people of our beloved city. With our Hoopla Raleigh Project, we constructed over 80 homemade hula hoops and prepped them as looms, ready for weaving or assembling however anyone saw fit. This is just one example of many! Bring your kids and creativity—we’d love for you to make art with us!

Free Community Crafts

At our community events, we bring the Kid Lab magic to you! Experience the full Kid Lab experience, where you and your child can participate in fun, play learning through art. We provide the materials, you bring the imagination!



At Locations You Love

Whether we’re weaving creative flowers at Dix Park, exploring the lunar landing with the NC Museum of History, or popping up with fun make-n-take crafts at Moore Square Park, Look for Kid Lab at a location in Raleigh that you love! Keep scrolling to see our upcoming events :)


Learn Through Play

Research shows that giving children open-ended materials (like sticks, clay, paint, cloth, wood) builds confidence, competency, independence and authentic expression. It can also help children avoid boredom as they begin seeing the creative potential in everything. In short, it fosters imagination! Each Community Event will provide plenty of opportunities for playful learning.

Upcoming Community Events


Community Art Collective

We are a team of artists, educators and creative catalysts committed to using our talents to see Raleigh thrive. We create projects and experiences designed to enhance public spaces, facilitate playful learning and build community.